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The packaging equipment enables a significant reduction of the manufacturing costs of the cigarette tubes. They are used as individual (free-standing) packaging machines as well as the ones connected to the cigarette tube machines creating highly efficient production cells. Owing to the innovative idea of packing cigarette tubes during the formation of the collective packaging, the ATM packing machines do not require any additional equipment such as, for example cardboard packaging machines.

Technical specification:

Compressed air demand 297,5 LN / cycle
Number of cycles per minute (capacity) 12 – 15 cycles / min
Air consumption at Vmax 0,3 m³ / min
Load size range 100 – 250
200 – 350
400 – 550
Glue devices (hot glue) NORDSON contactless
Drives of technological cycles FESTO pneumatic actuators
Preparation of compressed air FESTO filter and valve system
Steering SIEMENS S7
Dimensions 3,8 x 1,8 x 1,7 m
Weight 600 kg